How Much?
That’s a great questions but are you asking the right person, It’s not up to us to tell you how much something is but more over how much you’ll be able to receive. Our company approves projects and provides service from a management standpoint, In other words we only provide a quantity of services at quality standards. It’s up to you to know what you want and secure a budget adequate for marketing and sales (advertising), the cost is completely up to you, we have no set fees.

How long will my project take to be produced?
This all depends on the type of project and workload involved with completing the project. Your account manager will fill you in along the way with expectations and estimated times of production. It’s typical to plan and begin an advertising campaign 3-6 months in advance of the projects release date.

How do I pay my invoice?
• All payments will be handled via paypal (an emailed invoice you may pay with any major card or paypal account, you are not required to have an account with paypal to use this service.), moneypak (not green dot), or money order (western union or money gram). Payment may also be wired for your convenience. We do not accept cash payment or walk-ins see contact.

• All payments are final and none refundable, deposit accounts are available for select services.

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