Our management service is the full service of Live Productions! Studio on a retainer basis. This role in relation to your business is usually credited as a director, creative director, producer, or executive producer. You’ll receive access to all our services, we’ll agree to a strategic plan and execute that plan, developing, & tweaking along the way to give you the full capability of our products & services. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in regards to this service, our rates are very flexible and apply directly to what you need. Once again the major benefit of this service is to provide the creative space necessary to create an impactful brand, this form of service is also how we as a company would like to serve our clients. Of course you are more than welcome to opt-out of this offer. Here's a few tips we'd like to give you to make sure we as an agency and you as a client work together as seamlessly as possible called, client responsibilities.

Below is a brief description of our management style in a 3-part break down:


A consultation period where we'll review your brand and build a report containing areas your brand can be enhanced to achieve optimal performance.

Strategic Planning

A process we will take on with you to figure out what exactly needs to be done and how we will do it. No hope and dreams here, just facts, planning, and execution.


Your identity is what everyone will recognize you by, therefor it is key to have it done by a pro. Our team will help you achieve the most effective impression, the first time.


Copy Writing - is the writing of text for the purpose of advertising or marketing. This type of writing is the leading statement(s) of your brand, product, or services.

Graphic Design:

Advertisements /Promotional Materials *
Logo Design
Print (Magazines, Newspapers)
Broadcast (TV, Internet)
Outdoor (Billboards, Transit)
Online Ad Campaigns
Photo Manipulation

* Promotional materials Include, but are not limited to: Banners, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Business Plans, Calendars, Catalogs, CD Packages, Collector’s Cards, Door Hangers, DVD Packages, Envelopes, Event Tickets, Flyers, Hang Tags, Labels, Letterheads, Microphone Flags, Menus, Newsletters, Notepads, Posters, Postcards, Presentation Folders, Electronic/Print Press Kits, Interactive PDF’s, Business Plans, Resumes, Rolodex, Stickers, Table Tents, T-Shirt Designs, Window Decals, Stand-alone Banners, and Yard Signs.

Web Development & Design:

Content Management Systems (Wordpress)
E-Commerce Solutions
Web Hosting - Your hosting limitations will be based upon your sites needs.
Web Analytics
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Database Integration
and more...

Email Marketing - Our team will esthablish, develop, & build a smart and efficient email campaign sure to catch your viewing audiences attention. Contact us for further details about this service.


Video Production

High Definition
Motion Picture
Music Video

Video Animation - (Service limited, contact us for more details.)


Research - We’ll research the market and value of several advertising opportunities and discover which is best for you.

Planning - With your help, let us plan your advertising approach, this will ensure proper layout, submission, and execution of marketing and promotion strategies.

Buying - We’ll purchase all your media needs for quality assurance.


Printing Services - Click Here

Standard Printing (Business cards, flyers, brochures etc.)
Vehicle Decals
and more...

Print Production Form - Place An Order

Specialty Production - Click Here

Screen Printing
CMYK Printing
Foil Printing
Water Based Discharge
Overall/Jumbo T-Shirt Printing
and more...

Merchandise Catalogue - Click Here

and more...

Other services are available contact us with inquiries.